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One of life's greatest pleasures is having wonderful cuisine on your plate. Delicious cuisine and cool beverages are all it takes to make your day extra special and your evenings very pleasant. Our restaurant is one of the most well-known Indian restaurants in Orlando. When you visit us, try some of the unusual cocktails on our menu.

Must Try Cocktails at Tabla Indian Restaurant

Greek yogurt Gin

Smoothies, granola, tzatziki... all go nicely with yogurt. Have you ever thought about combining it with gin? No, the world hasn't gone insane, but cocktails are becoming more inventive and, dare we say, healthier. You will adore our fragrant and refreshing Greek-yogurt drink. A dollop of unsweetened Greek yogurt is the key ingredient, giving the cocktail a tangy flavor and a delicately creamy texture. The end result isn't sweet or smoothie-like; instead, it's savory.

Avocado Margarita

If you love margaritas and avocados, then you will love this Avocado Margarita from Tabla Cuisine! There's not a lot of avocado flavors in it; instead, you get melon and lime notes from the Midori and lime juice. The avocado merely gives the drink a wonderful smoothness.

Black Forest Cake Martini

We have upped our cocktail menu with a new and creative drink. This black forest cake martini is a dessert in cocktail form.

This wild vodka dessert cocktail combines vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, and cherry juice. Then it is garnished with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and cherry to max out those chocolate sundae mixed drink vibes.


Who doesn't like the refreshing taste of Sangria - it is a beautiful Spanish drink with chopped fruit?

Sangria is a punch made of wine, fruit, sugar, and occasionally liquor. The drink's exact origins are uncertain, as people have been doctoring wine for ages all across the world. Sangria has been around since the Middle Ages when wine was considered safer to drink than water. It spread over Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal, and eventually evolved into the version we know today.

Pair your meal with our signature sangria made with an addictive combo of fruit, citrus, and red or white wine! Both refreshing and satisfying, this drink is the perfect accompaniment with tikkas and kebabs.

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New York Sour

The New York Sour adds extra complexity from fruit and tannin to a typical whisky sour with the inclusion of red wine, making it one of the few classic drinks that employ unfortified wine. The drink was created in Chicago in the 1870s, when bartenders began to add a "claret snap," or a float of red wine, to their whisky sours.

Our New York Sour recipe has all the right proportions of bright, bracing lemon juice, warming, floral bourbon, and sweet, simple syrup to deliver a refreshing cocktail that's neither too cloying nor too biting. We use freshly squeezed juice instead of fruit-shaped squeeze bottles.

Mango Lassi

Tabla Indian Restaurant's specialty drink is Mango Lassi. This Mango and cardamom yogurt smoothy is made in a traditional way. It can be prepared with or without the use of sugar. Mango Lassi is a cool drink made from sweetened Kesar mango pulp that is a popular refreshing drink of Tabla Cuisine. Check out our Mango Lassi recipe to try it at home.


The list above picks our favorite beverages from the whole menu. We hope you like them as much as we do. Visit us in one of our locations - Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo and Lake Nona. Try our unique and refreshing drinks and our selection of traditional Indian cuisine. Tabla also offers traditional Indian, Thai, and Indo-Chinese cuisine.

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